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C97 Tech Pro Series




Product Information

The C97 Tech Pro Series features a two-stage gas valve and a variable speed energy efficient ECM Eon blower motor. Continental’s two-stage furnace reduces temperature swings within your home, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. The C97 Tech Pro furnace will operate on low fire for greater efficiency and comfort for most of the heating season. On colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the second stage, producing more heat to satisfy demand. This effective two-stage system is like having two furnaces in one. With the C97 Tech Pro, you’ll be warm all winter long.



• One of the highest efficiency 2 stage furnace on the market at 97% AFUE
• 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120,000 BTU models available
• SureView Burner System Window
• Optional HomeShield Ultra Violet Light Air Purifier furnace lamp for indoor air quality
• Built in LED service lights for upper and lower cabinet diagnostics
• WHISPER QUIET™ operation with SILENTCORE technology, four-sided insulated cabinet
• Commercial grade stainless steel primary heat exchangers
• Elite Communicating Thermostat Ready
• Solid one piece stainless steel outer door
• Sleek European design
• Available in upflow position only
• Manufactured for natural gas
• Propane conversion kit available



Built in LED Lights in upper and lower compartments automatically turn on when door is opened

Ultra Violet Light Air Purifier to improve indoor air quality andvhelps kill bacteria (Optional)

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