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C96 Tech Pro Series


Product Information

The C96 Series features a two-stage gas valve and fixed or variable speed energy efficient ECM motor. Continental’s two-stage furnace reduces temperature swings within your home, maintaining a consistent and comfortable setting. The C96 Series furnace will operate on low fire for greater efficiency and comfort for most of the heating season. On colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the second stage, producing more heat to satisfy demand. This effective two-stage system is like having two furnaces in one. With your Continental C96 Series furnace, you’ll enjoy the winter seasons for years to come.

  • Shortest 96%+ AFUE furnace on the market with 32 7/8″ height

  • Multi position (upflow, horizontal and downflow) for versatile installations

  • Two-stage control: first stage start up operates at 60% of full heating capacity

  • High efficiency ECM variable speed blower motor with soft start which gradually increases speed reducing the initial rush of air and noise created by conventional motors

  • Full range of inputs

  • Two cabinet sizes 17 1/2″ and 22 1/2″ width

  • Durable galvanized steel cabinet with powder coat painted finish

  • Acoustically insulated blower cabinet reduces blower noise during operation

  • Zero clearance in all positions with no additional kits, provides installation ease in closets and alcoves

  • Direct vent (two pipe) and single vent (one pipe) certified with optional concentric venting

  • Integrated furnace control board manages all operational functions and accommodates hook-ups for humidifier, HRV and electronic air cleaner

  • For use with single or two-stage thermostats

  • Multiple venting, gas, electrical & drainage configurations

  • Simple conversion to propane

  • Certified to 4500 feet in Canada with no modification

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